Commercial Heating Engineers

Commercial Heating Engineers

We provide both commercial gas heating, commercial oil heating and hot water solutions for all types….
  • Schools, colleges and universities
  • Pubs, bars, nightclubs, hotels and restaurants
  • Council offices, fire stations and police stations
  • Swimming pools, leisure centres and gyms
  • New developments and building site projects
  • Office blocks
  • Garden centres, shops and commercial premises
  • Churches, Hospitals and care homes
Our clients rely on us to maintain efficient performance of their commercial gas or oil-fired boilers and minimise breakdowns. Regular servicing of commercial gas and heating appliances can increase their efficiency, extend their life expectancy and save you valuable time and money.

At James Wilkins Plumbing and Heating Limited, our engineers are fully qualified to carry out a range of services, some of which are listed below:

James Wilkins Commercial Gas 2
  • Commercial boiler repairs
  • Plant room servicing and maintenance including ventilation
  • Combustion services
  • Fault diagnostics and repairs of all commercial gas and oil boilers including condensing, forced draught, modular, overhead and radiant tube heaters
  • Gas pipework and safety inspections
  • Gas purging and tightness testing
  • Testing 1 and 1a
  • Commercial Catering
  • Commercial Laundry
  • Commercial boiler maintenance – both planned and preventative
  • Boiler and heating reactive maintenance
  • Commercial boiler service contracts for emergency repairs breakdown cover and emergency call outs
  • Commercial boiler installations and commissioning
  • Commercial boiler breakdowns
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gas safe engineer somerset
gas safe engineer somerset
gas safe engineer somerset
gas safe engineer somerset
gas safe engineer somerset

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